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Lizabeth Barajas

Liz Gonzalez currently serves as the MTSS/SEL/PBIS Coordinator for the largest non-unified district in the State of California. She also serves as an Educational Consultant & Public Speaker. Liz brings over 20 years of experience as a Mental Health Specialist, Social Worker, Special Education Teacher (for students identified as emotionally disturbed, autism and moderate/severe) Behavioral Management Specialist, School Administrator and District Administrator. She has served as a Keynote speaker for various organizations throughout the United States.

Liz has successfully supported the district wide implementation of Positive Behavior Supports, Multi-tiered Systems of Support,  Social Emotional Learning and Restorative Practices with the biggest districts in the State of California. She has designed effective systems and practices for equity based programs, Emotionally At-Risk Programs, Special Education Programs, School Climate/Culture, Mental Health Supports in Juvenile Centers and offers professional learning services.

 Liz has presented for The National Association of Positive Behavioral Supports (APBS), EPOC Equity Institute, California School Boards Association and the State of California, California Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance, California MTSS Leadership Institute and various Leadership Conferences across the United States. She also served as a Keynote Speaker for the Texas Mental Health Conference to help parents heal after the devastating trauma from a racial-attack/community shooting at a local Wal-Mart. Liz serves as a leader in education, her expertise has supported dozens of districts in establishing effective training procedures for evidence based interventions. Liz continues to support the biggest High School District in the State of California to align best practices that improve systems and structures that boost up efforts for MTSS. Her work has helped districts in reducing disproportionality, suspensions and expulsions with effective strategies that create sustainable change. She has led parent engagement sessions and designed modules that supported thousands of parents on tools to support children at home. Her most recent work includes the implementation of Mindfulness in schools, Parent and Community Engagement, district-wide SEL to create a student centered approach and training and supporting Restorative Classrooms/Specialists. She also serves as a leader in SEL implementation with the Torlakson Institute led by Tom Torlakson (California State Superintendent of Public Education until 2019).

Liz was born and raised in Los Angeles California, she currently resides in Central California with her husband and two older children. She currently holds a Bachelors in Behavioral Science, a Special Education Teaching Credential, an Administrative Credential, a Masters in Special Education and a Masters of Arts in teaching.