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Strategies for Paras in the Early Childhood Classroom

Breakout 3, Early Childhood, November 10, 2020, 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Paraeducators wear many hats! Trying to figure out this role and all that goes with it can be exhausting. We can, though, boil it all down to the student and the relationships that are built within the school setting. Specific roles can be defined and outlined, teams can be set up and plans made to help students grow, learn and thrive at school. The key, however, to the success of all the outlining and planning is the relationships that students develop at school. Paraeducators are often the first contact a student has at school, paraeducators are often the adult in the small group or individual workplan, and often are the touchstone for students. Pareducators are the ones who hear the stories students tell, the ones who witness the struggles with work and the ones who are providing the safe space needed for learning to happen.  Students who feel safe, who trust the adult working with them, and who feel free to try and fail and try again are going to be successful learners. The communication between the student and the paraeducator and, in turn, the paraeducator and the teacher plays a key in a student’s learning trajectory and success. In this session, find simple, usable and (hopefully!) valuable tools to use as you work to build relationships and encourage learning!

Nora Robinson